Danny Matier was born on 24 July, 1973 in Melbourne, Australia. Matier remained in Melbourne for his school years attending Xavier College from 1984 to 1991 where he developed a passion for acting and films.

After completing his high school years, Matier lived and worked in Melbourne for another 3 years, developing his love of acting through a wide range of short films and theatre. Throughout these years Matier knew he wanted to do more than act, he wanted to be directing and writing screenplays. This desire saw Matier move to Brisbane in 1993 to attend The Actors Conservatory where he studied stage combat, screenwriting and directing. During his studies Matier continued to work as an actor on series television, repertory theatre and a host of films as well as gain invaluable experience working as crew, learning everything he could about all aspects of the industry.

At the completion of his studies in 1997, Matier was keen to put his skills to work as a writer. In 1998 he packed his bags and moved to London where he worked as a writer and a producer's assistant, writing two feature films and a television series. His free time was spent writing and finetuning his own screenplays. Matier returned to Melbourne in 2002 and wrote a novel titled "GHOST GUM." After completing his novel Matier teamed up with a group of like-minded people and wrote, produced and directed his own short films as well as acting in, co-writing and script editing those films of his team. His films "THE PLAYS AND THE PRINTER," "PERPETUAL TERROR" and "THE CAKE" have played at various festivals around the world and screened on Channel 31 in Melbourne.

"PUNISHMENT", is Matier's first feature film. The subject he has chosen is the loss of ones soul and the conflict of humanity in the face of revenge and loss.


2008 Punishment - thriller - Feature Film - 99 minutes writer-director
2006 The Cake - comedy - Short Film - 7 minutes writer/ director/ producer
2003 Perpetual Terror - comedy - Short Film - 7 minutes writer/ director/ producer
2002 The Plays and the Printer - comedy - Short Film - 15 minutes writer/ director/ producer